Patient Stories: Risper


Risper was 37 years old when she was diagnosed with fibroids. Over the course of several months her cycle started getting longer and longer until it felt like she was bleeding all of the time. Her energy was low, her relationships were strained and her bleeding was so severe she felt vulnerable and tired all the time.

Finally, with her bleeding so severe Risper made an appointment with her ob/gyn. She was presented with several treatment options including surgery which was not a viable option for her as she had no interest in going through the trauma and long recovery. Risper was afraid that the granules in the embolism treatment could go to the wrong place and harm her ovaries but after several consultations, settled for surgery, which is when her nightmare began.

Two years after her initial diagnosis and a week after surgery, Risper began leaking urine uncontrollably. She was afraid of rejection from her husband and her community at large but as it turned out her husband was so supportive and took her to various hospitals in search for help only to be prescribed medication that did not work.

The urine leakage caused Risper to smell of urine and people would close their noses whenever she passed near them. A scan performed at Thika Hospital in Kiambu County, Kenya clearly indicated Risper had a fistula. The news about fistula surprised her as she had no idea what the doctor meant.

In January 2017, a relative informed Risper about St. Mary’s Mission Hospital, a faith- based hospital in Nairobi, Kenya that carries out fistula repairs. Risper travelled from Embu to Nairobi in search for treatment covering a distance of 129.69 Kilometres. Risper received free surgery and treatment a day after admission which was successful. Risper plans to go back to her business and help her husband in catering for their family needs.

I feel good now because I no longer sleep in a wet bed and I can sleep till the morning because I am no longer wet.