On the 4th day of Christmas, FFF shared with me...stories of growing families

Fatima is a farmer living in Freetown, Sierra Leone. She first came to Aberdeen Women’s Centre in 2009 as a fistula patient. She developed an obstetric fistula injury during her first pregnancy. Like many fistula patients, Fatima found herself in a prolonged obstructed labour with no medical assistance.

After receiving restorative surgery at AWC, Fatima remained at the clinic for a month during which she received post-surgical care, rehabilitative skills training and counselling on reproductive health. Like all patients that pass through AWC’s fistula centre, Fatima was advised to seek only caesarean sections for any subsequent pregnancies. She was discharged with a caesarean section access card, which ensures ex fistula patients are able to seek caesareans at any medical centre in the Sierra Leone.

Since her first admittance into the Centre with fistula, Fatima has returned to Aberdeen Women’s Centre three times to deliver her three daughters. Most recently, little Baby Aye who is 4 months old, Haja (3) and Nancy (6).

Fatima commented on her experience with staff at AWC,

“I am very grateful for Aberdeen and what they are doing there. They gave me hope and do a lot for women in Sierra Leone. I pray for all the doctors, nurses and staff at Aberdeen. I hope God gives them all the things they require and good health. All my pickin [children] are Aberdeen pickin and now I have wel bodi [good health].”

Fatima believes it is important to pass on information to others suffering from obstetric fistula. After travelling to Makeni, a town in Northern Sierra Leone, she heard of a cousin who had developed a fistula. Her cousin has since received successful fistula repair surgery at AWC. Currently, she continues to reside in Freetown with her three children, mother, sister-in-law, niece and husband. She is the primary income earner for her family through her farming and trade business.

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