Annual Review

I am delighted to present our 2015 Annual Review.

Our vision is for all women and girls in Africa to have access to healthcare during pregnancy and childbirth and to eradicate obstetric fistula.

Access to quality healthcare is vital to the rights of girls and women and their role in society. Treating and preventing obstetric fistula is essential to fulfilling the potential of every girl and woman. Our holistic treatment facilities provide care and love which enables our patients to regain control of their lives, resume their positions in their families and communities and return to living lives of dignity, productivity and confidence.

We continue to develop our services in Malawi, Sierra Leone and Kenya and are preparing to open a new project in Madagascar in 2016.  We are delighted to maintain strong, stable and supportive relationships with the local and national governments. We are also grateful to our local, national and international funders who continue to contribute generously, both financially and with ‘inkind’ goods and services.

In our effort to equip, empower and encourage sustainable local healthcare capacity, we provide medical infrastructure (including equipment and supplies), train surgeons to repair obstetric fistulas and train midwives in the highest possible standards of maternal healthcare. In addition to providing physical care and healing, we also provide education and empowerment programs focusing on imparting basic skills (reading, writing and numeracy), as well as a range of vocational skills, including sewing, craftwork and basic business skills.  From expanding access to maternity care, to empowering and enabling former patients to build their own business, our vision continues to grow and evolve.

We look forward to the future with hope and confidence.

Ann Gloag OBE

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Download our Annual Review (PDF)